Fencing Services We Offer

Seminole Fence Compnay

We offer free, same-day estimates. On our initial meeting, we’ll carefully inspect the property and listen attentively to your needs, so we can provide you with an eye-catching and durable fence solution.

At Seminole Fence we believe in finding the best solution for you and your property. We offer several fencing solutions with a variety of custom options to fit your needs. We conduct free estimates to find the best service for you. From new and custom fencing to redesigning, repairing, or painting existing fences, we have a solution that will fit you, your property, and your budget.


We offer a variety of fencing options. Choose different heights, board options, wire types, and treated woods, to provide the look and functionality you need from your fence.

Seminole Fence Compnay
Seminole Fence Compnay


Ask about our custom services. We can design and install the fencing or enclosure that perfectly meets your needs. With our extensive options for height, materials, and color, we can build the fence that fits your specifications.


Already have fencing or enclosures, but need updating or are using for a new purpose? Ask about our redesign services. We can take what you already have and make it work for your property and needs.

Seminole Fence Compnay
Seminole Fence Compnay


Do you have a fence or enclosure that has been damaged by time, weather, or an accident? We can help! Ask us about our repair services. We can make your existing fence look and work like new without having to replace the whole fence.